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  1. Bookkeeping
    The creation of financial transactions includes posting information to accounting journals or accounting software from such source documents as invoices to customers, cash receipts, and supplier invoices. The bookkeeper also reconciles accounts to ensure their accuracy. We've got you covered!
  2. Contract Preparation
    The negotiation and contract preparation phase is the last phase of the evaluation procedure, following immediately after the evaluation by external experts, but preceding the final selection by an agency or by the commission of successful proposals. Adherence to deadlines and correct and expedient preparation of all necessary documents is therefore a pre-requisite for arriving at a successful conclusion of this process. We work diligently!
  3. Start up Advice
    “Learn as much as you can about your industry immediately. Become an expert in that industry. Obviously, there are plenty of resources out there between your library and the Internet, but also try to find a mentor who directly answers your questions. Any information is always good information.” Daymond John Founder / Fubu We mentor you through these processes!
  4. Specific Skillsets
    •Aging Reconciliations •Accounts Receivable Management •P & L Management •Commercial Billing/Collections •Inventory and Asset Control •Fiscal Year Budget Management •Software We welcome diverse levels of intelligence & innovation!
  5. Staff Development
    An integrated competency-based development program for non-supervisory staff. This program enables participants to take charge of their professional development through growth in self-awareness and strengthening three key competencies: communication, customer focus and problem solving. This program provides an opportunity for participants to identify and develop key competencies that can help them excel professionally!
  6. Software Implementation
    A product software implementation method is a systematically structured approach to effectively integrate a software based service or component into the workflow of an organizational structure or an individual end-user. Creating smoother workflows makes economic sense. We'll show you why!
Our Story
From our origins in New York, we have grown and now have offices in Cairo and The Catskills. Throughout this growth, we have maintained our commitment to helping small privately owned businesses. Our approach is to understand your business, your personal ambitions and the industry in which you compete in. We believe this provides our clients with a personal service, catered just for them.
Lillian Sandoval's
Lillian Sandoval is a hands on practitioner and prides herself in activating transformation in the individuals and companies that she works with.
She is a freelance hands on CONTRACTOR & TRAINER who consults, trains and develops  logistical workflows within the actual company's processes. She trains individuals in Quickbooks as well as many other business software and tracking operating systems. She would love to help you.

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